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Take care of your four-legged companion with our pet insurance. Stress less knowing they are in pawsome hands.

At, we understand that every pet is unique. That's why we offer a range of customisable policy options to cater to both your financial considerations and your beloved pet's well-being.

Tailored Coverage empowers you to personalise your pet's insurance coverage, with options for Annual Limit, Excess, Benefit Percentage, and Optional Extra Benefits, you can easily tailor the policy to match your pet's requirements and your budget.

Generous Annual Limits with No Sub-limits

We offer a generous range of Annual Limit options to choose from: $25,000, $15,000 and $5,000.We don't impose sub-limits on conditions, ensuring that you can claim up to your chosen Annual Limit for any single ailment. 

Optional Extra Benefits offers Optional Extras Cover that goes beyond the basics. Our policies can include optional coverage for Dental Illness, as well as Supportive Therapies and Behavioral Problems. We believe in giving you more options to protect and treat your pet.

Coverage for Vaccinatable Diseases takes a unique approach by covering vaccinatable diseases, if you can provide reasonable documented evidence of your pet's up-to-date vaccinations. We believe that responsible pet owners should be rewarded for their commitment to pet health.

Pet Health Hotline

Unlimited access to a Pet Health Hotline, where you can seek advice from experienced vets and vet nurses over the phone, even outside regular vet hours.

Cancellation Flexibility

With, you have the freedom to cancel your policy at any time, even if you've already submitted and we've paid claims. We don't tie you down to a full policy period or force you to pay for unused coverage.

Transparency on Pre-existing Conditions

We understand the importance of clarity. Perhaps you've had a couple of vet visits already. provides an optional and no cost upfront assessment of pre-existing conditions, giving you a clear understanding of what is and is not covered, based on your pet's medical history. This transparency may help you make informed decisions about your pet's health and if pet insurance is for you, at this time.

Simplified Annual Excess simplifies the Annual Excess process by making it per pet, rather than per condition or per claim. You can select an Annual Excess of $0, $75, or $150, and once this limit is reached within the insurance period, no further excess is deducted from benefit payments until the next annual insurance period starts. This straightforward approach may save you from potentially expensive, multiple excess charges.

Choose for a pet insurance experience that truly caters to your pet's needs and your financial preferences. Your pet deserves the best, and is here to provide it. 

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What pets are eligible? 

Our pet insurance provides cover for cats and dogs that reside within Australia. We do not cover any other type of pets. The policy has been designed for coverage for companion pets, and therefore it may not be possible to cover all cats and dogs. 


Are all breed types available to cover? 

Some breeds are banned due to the breed being categorised as dangerous and/or banned in Australia. If your pet is categorised as dangerous and/or banned after purchase or renewal of your policy, then your pet will no longer be eligible for the policy, and you will be sent a notice of non-renewal prior to the expiry of your current policy.  


Can pets participating in commercial or sporting activities be covered? 

Cats or dogs that participate in commercial or sporting activity such as breeding or obstetrics, working, fighting, racing, personal protection, gun sports, law enforcement or guarding are not eligible for insurance cover.  

It is possible to purchase cover for pets that are show dogs/cats, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, assistance dogs or customs sniffer dogs.  


Are there age limits for pets that can be covered? 

Once you have pet insurance there is no age limit. This is called Lifetime Cover. However, there are minimum and maximum ages for starting insurance when purchasing a new Policy: 

  • The minimum age for entry for a pet is 6 weeks old, and;
  • The maximum age for entry for a pet is less than 9 years old. 

Are pre-existing conditions covered? 

There is no cover under this Policy for Vet Costs for Treatment of Pre-existing Conditions. A Pre-existing Condition is defined as an Injury, Illness, Dental Illness or Behavioural Problem, (including Bilateral condition and other conditions that are related to, secondary to, or results of) that: 

  1. first occurred or showed symptoms of, or 
  2. was identified or investigated by a Vet, or 
  3. You were aware of or a reasonable person in the circumstances could be expected to have known about, before Your Pet’s First Date of Cover, before a change of coverage becomes effective, or during any applicable Exclusion Period. 

How do I make a claim? 


The Claims process is as follows:  

  1. Complete and submit the online claim form by logging in at including attaching a copy or photo of Your invoice. Alternatively, Your Vet may email a copy of the invoice and clinical notes to 

  1. Your Vet will be contacted for a copy of the clinical notes that relate to the invoice. If Your Vet has initiated the claim on Your behalf, You will be contacted to confirm the claim. 

  1. We will let You know if We need a full Treatment history for Your Pet from the attending Vet and any previous Vets. If so, Your Vet can easily submit these online or by email. 

What You must not do 

If You are making a claim You must not give Us false or misleading information. If You or any other person makes an intentionally false or fraudulent claim under Your Policy, We may refuse to pay such claim and may also cancel Your Policy or treat the contract as though it never existed. 

What We may do 

Where reasonably necessary We may contact Your current or previous Vet to: 

  • discuss any details about Your claim 

  • ask for any information and/or records about Your Pet. 

We may decline a claim if You or Your Vet refuse or are unable to give Us any information We need to process Your claim. 

What can affect Your claim 

  • You don’t give Us all the information We need to process Your claim. 

  • You or Your Vet don’t cooperate with Us and refuse or are unable to give Us any reasonably necessary information We need to process Your claim. 

  • You don’t provide a copy of the original itemised invoices and receipts for the Treatment received by Your Pet. 

  • You don’t comply with any terms, conditions or provisions of Your Policy. 


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