Professional Indemnity

If you provide a professional service, despite all your skills and qualifications, mistakes can and do happen. If a client takes legal action against you for the service or advice you provided, Professional Indemnity insurance, also commonly known as errors and omissions insurance, covers the cost of responding to a claim. Search for your occupation below to get started.

What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

Professional Indemnity insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides cover for the financial consequences of neglect, error or omission by the professional or firm taking out the policy. If a third party makes a claim against any wrong-doing, mistake or breach of professional duty on your part, then this type of insurance will protect the assets and reputation of your business.

What kind of businesses need Professional Indemnity insurance?

Professionals such as accountants, mortgage and finance brokers, psychologists and counsellors and other health professionals, beauty therapists, yoga instructors and management consultants are just a few of the professions where Professional Indemnity insurance can apply. However, many other occupations that provide services and / or advice may also need Professional Indemnity insurance

Whatever industry you work in, you are responsible for the advice or services you provide. Therefore, if you provide incorrect advice or services to your client you may be liable to pay for losses occurring as a result

Professional Indemnity insurance protects you and your business from the costs of legal action and any compensation or damages you are required to pay.  

Why is Professional Indemnity insurance important?

Protecting yourself against any legal action or claims of negligence could prove to be expensive and time consuming not to mention the damage caused to your reputation and business.  

If an error or omission occurs when providing advice or services, you could be held responsible for any loss suffered as a result of that advice or service including those provided by employees under your supervision.  

A Professional Indemnity policy can protect both you and the business from costs associated with such claims, including the legal defence costs. Cover includes costs related to compensation or damages to be paid as a result of the loss, should you be found responsible. This kind of insurance will give you the much-needed peace of mind and confidence to conduct your business. 

The difference between Public Liability and Professional Indemnity can be confusing. If you're unsure yourself, be sure to check out this article we've written by clicking here.

Healthcare Professionals

Professional indemnity for a variety of occupations, including; yoga & pilates instructors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and more.

Business Professionals

Professional indemnity for a variety of occupations, including; mortgage and finance brokers, management consultants, tax agents and more.


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