Portable Contents & Tools

Insurance for tools and portable contents insures your valuables against theft, damage, or loss, offering flexibility and peace of mind for your portable business assets.

What is Portable Contents and Tools insurance? 

Portable Contents and Tools insurance for business provides coverage for valuable equipment and items that are essential for business operations. This insurance protects tools and portable business assets used in various industries, such as trades, retail, hospitality and moreIn the event of theft through forcible or violent entry, damage, or loss, this product may help cover the cost of repairing or replacing these items for your business. 

What does Portable Contents and Tools insurance cover? 

  • Portable Contents & Tools insurance covers for contents and tools that are used or transported outside of the businesses registered building, such as your head office, whilst business contents provides cover for contents and stock within the businesses registered building. Some items may include furniture, office hardware, etc. For non-portable contents please visit ourBuilding & Contents page.

  • Cover in the event of accidental damage or loss to your Tools or Portable Contents within Australia during the insurance period. This encompasses items specified in your policy that you either own or hold responsibility for. Compensation is subject to a predefined limit for each item, and the process is outlined as follows: 

    • Repairable items will be reimbursed for restoration to a condition equivalent to new, though not surpassing it. 

    • We’ll cover each item up to the insured limit by paying for repair costs if the item can be fixed to a condition equal to, but no better than, when new; if repair or replacement is possible and you prefer a cash settlement, we’ll pay the repair costs.

    • In cases where the item is economically unrepairable but replaceable, the cost of a comparable replacement may be covered. If a direct replacement is not feasible, compensation up to the predefined limit for that item may be provided. 

What's Not Covered?

Certain things are not included in the Portable Contents and Tools insurance, along with the general exclusions mentioned in the policy. What isn’t covered is loss or damage if it's caused by: 

  • Dishonest actions by you, your employees, or anyone trusted with an insured item. 

  • Sea-related incidents like tidal waves or high water, including floods. 

  • Employee theft. 

  • Theft, unless it involves forceful and violent entry, is evident by visible damage to the locked part of the building or vehicle holding the insured item. Additionally, no cover is offered for: 

  • Sporting equipment in use. 

  • Unmanned aircraft used for reward while in operation. 

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