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While you protect others' financial futures, let us help protect yours! is proud to support Buyers Choice and their members with exclusive insurance offerings. is delighted to offer the following to Buyers Choice Brokers

    • Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance.  

    • Competitive premiums  

    • Exclusive offer available to Buyers Choice members only.  

    • Buyers Choice approved.  

    • Compliant with Regulatory Guide 210, insurance arrangements for credit licensees.  

    • ASIC approved External Dispute Resolution Schemes.  

    • 7-year run-off coverage included when you cease to practice, upon written request to 

    • Protection against past activities with unlimited retroactive cover.  

    • All claims are managed locally by premier law firms.  

    • Professional Indemnity for Buyer's Choice Brokers $2,000,000 any one claim and $6,000,000 in the aggregate; OR 

    • Professional Indemnity for Buyer's Choice Brokers $5,000,000 any one claim and $15,000,000 in the aggregate. 

  • The Buyers Choice insurance renewal date falls on the 7th of October of each year. is Buyers Choice preferred insurance provider.


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  • is made up of people who love insurance! Driven to help people and businesses protect themselves financially against the unexpected. Our goal is to help you find insurance solutions that will provide security and certainty for the future. We understand insurance isn’t everyone’s thing, but it is ours and we have a long history of expertise in what we do.  

  • Insurance House Online is now!  

    If you hold a current Professional Indemnity & Public Liability policy with Insurance House, you must purchase a new policy prior to expiry via the digital platform to renew this yearTo purchase a new policy, click the link below, and ensure you select “Buyers Choice” when prompted to access your exclusive discount 

    Don’t worry. We are still here to help! Contact our customer service team on 1300 468 730 or  

  • It is a requirement by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) that Mortgage Brokers have adequate Professional Indemnity insurance coverage. 

    Read more about Professional Indemnity for Mortgage Brokers here

  • uses intelligent simplified pathways to provide comprehensive insurance cover, value for money and the best possible service, in the least possible time. 

  • Head to our claims page. We will sort it out!

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  • Need assistance? Reach out to our customer service team at 1300 468 730 or  

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