Business Building, Contents and Glass Cover for Allied Health Professionals offers a comprehensive combined Building, Contents and Glass Insurance Solution at a competitive price for Allied Health Professionals.

Purchase Building Contents and Glass Cover, under one easy to manage policy! Simply get a quote today and select both coverages to receive a competitive solution.

How to Purchase This Cover

To purchase the exclusive Contents and Glass Cover, please select both Building and Contents and Glass cover. When asked for your Business Description on the More about your business page, please select “other allied health services”. 

To receive our exclusive offer for Allied Health Professionals, please click the link below:

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What is Building and Contents Cover?

The Business Building and Contents cover offers comprehensive protection for commercial property and contents. The policy includes:

Building Coverage: Insurance for the physical structure of the business premises against various insurable risks, such as fire and vandalism. This may not be applicable if you are not the business property owner. 

Contents Protection: Covers your business contents inside the property, such as equipment, inventory and furniture against accidental loss or damage.

What is Glass Cover? 

Glass Cover under the Business Insurance Package specifically provides protection for glass components within a commercial property. This is inclusive of fixed glass, sinks or sanitary ware that is damaged at your location. 

Our Glass Cover will either repair or replace glass, including any improvement to comply with any applicable regulation or Australian Standards issued by Standards Australia.

If the insurer pays a claim for glass, they will also pay up to $5,000 in total for:

  • damage to items fixed to the glass;
  • damage to or spoilage of Contents due to glass breakage;
  • damage to window frames or door frames of shop fronts; or
  • any necessary temporary protection while Your glass is repaired.

Bundle this coverage with Building and Contents, as an Allied Health Professional, for comprehensive cover at a competitive price.

Save an additional $50.00 for bundling two coverages under our Business Insurance Package!

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