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Protect your business livelihood

Mistakes happen, even to the best of us. When operating in professional services, there is always room for human error or omissions so the protection that Professional Indemnity insurance offers is a vital safety net for businesses that may not be able to bare the full repercussions. Many issues that arise can be quickly resolved, but if it goes further, the costs of a long and lengthy process can harm your business and its reputation.  


Give it to me straight 

Sometimes all your education, qualifications and skills are not enough to prevent a mistake, error or omission occurring. A Professional Indemnity policy is designed to help cover the costs and expenses of responding to claims arising from a breach of professional duty. An accusation that you've done something wrong (even if you haven't) can be costly to defend. At times like this you need your insurer to step in with expert resources and support. 

You're in safe hands

Incidents can and do come out of the blue and the whole experience can be traumatic. You want your insurer to understand what you are going through and how to respond.  

The nature of professional services means no two businesses are exactly alike. In the right hands, your Professional Indemnity insurance team will be understanding professionals with strong expertise in financial services claims. It may require a panel of experts or just one lawyer to work through everything on your behalf. The true value of that is immeasurable if and when you need it. 


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